The Best Tools for Production

For flawless quality in construction, we have invested in exceptional tools, like CATIA® CAO design software.  Developed by Dassault Systèmes, this software enables the design team to examine and combine, upstream and in 3D, all the parts that make up a motor yacht, down to the smallest bolt. 

Digitally controlled machinery, varnishing robots and an array of tools to relieve workers of repetitive tasks enable them to concentrate on quality.  The infusion-moulded hull, structures and deck have resulted in significant weight savings without sacrificing rigidity.

Simplify Everything 

A motor yacht is a complex thing.  By investing in subtle innovations to enhance life onboard, Prestige has made the technical features less visible, while offering Prestige owners the same comforts and ease of life onshore. 

The hull has been specially designed for a pod propulsion system, while the joystick makes handling a breeze, whether at sea or at port.  Just as our customers have grown to expect, through innovation, we have simplified everything.

A Sense of the Sea

Seaworthiness is a top priority and a subject of constant research for Prestige.  Our hulls have been specially designed for pod propulsion systems, which redistribute weight onboard, limit noise and vibrations and improve fuel efficiency by 20%.  Prestige motor yachts are powered by engines from Volvo and Cummins, widely considered to be the best engine manufacturers in the world today. 

Certain details, like wide sidedecks, demonstrate that Prestige motor yachts are built by sailors.   Prestige will take you far, fast, and in complete safety to discover new horizons.