[30 YEARS] Chapter 6: Let the light shine in!

April 24, 2020


The mastery of light yields exceptional yachts


infinite spaces, blurring the line between the exterior and the interior




Space, light, 360º panoramic view


Starting with the PRESTIGE 60, we considered ways to eliminate as many structures as possible to maximize the window areas. On the PRESTIGE 500 and on the following yachts, the main deck was increasingly extended, with the architecture contributing to wellbeing, light and comfort on board. 

Jean-François de Prémorel


In 2010, PRESTIGE broke with the usual design codes to redefine them, with an elegant and innovative design.

The PRESTIGE 500 was the first to offer a flush aft galley, as well as an owner’s cabin with private access.  The combination of a bright, comfortable and spacious layout and expertise in naval engineering made PRESTIGE yachts exceptional.  The PRESTIGE 500  led the fleet


On PRESTIGE yachts, every detail has been considered to benefit from bright, warm and inviting spaces in complete harmony…

PRESTIGE embodies the dream of all those who love cruising and love the sea:  that of taking to sea, yet always feeling at home.

A timeless luxury, an indescribable feeling of well-being, of comfort, of calm and serenity…

The privilege of sharing those rare moments suspended in time...

The art of living well for those who aspire to live out their dreams.



For our 30-year anniversary, PRESTIGE is launching a new line of yachts dedicated to luxury and the art of living well:  the X-Line.  This innovative line takes up the challenge of reinventing life on board and redefining the limits of cruising with its first new model, the X70.

PRESTIGE looks toward the horizon, the infinite possibilities.  The adventure continues…


Discover the X70!






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