PRESTIGE 750 : Conquering the world

October 6, 2014

The Prestige 750, new flagship of the Prestige Yachts range was officially launched in the prestigious city of Cannes , French Riviera, last March. It was then promptly presented in Hong Kong for its Asian debut in July.

This elegant new model then headed to America to conquer the new world. To celebrate the 750s arrival on the other side of the Atlantic, this amazing yacht began following the footsteps of Lafayette down the east coast and stopping at several ports along the way.

Last September 16, the Prestige 750 paid its respects to Lady Liberty and graced the mythical Manhattan skyline thus illustrating the international ambitions of Prestige Yachts.

After 2 more events along the east coast, The Prestige 750 will be under the spotlight during what is undeniably considered the largest “Yachting event” in the world, The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Meanwhile, Prestige will also head to the Middle East with its introduction of the Prestige 750 in Dubai towards the end of October.

These numerous launch events attest to the strength of the Prestige Brand and its desire to be represented in the 4 corners of the world at the same time.

Category : The brand and its yachts
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