[30 YEARS] Chapter 2: EXPERIENCE

March 6, 2020

30 years of PRESTIGE passion

The very first PRESTIGE , the 41 Open, was produced in late 1989 and was an instant success.

Very soon a whole range of motor yachts weighed anchor, all designed by Vittorio Garroni and produced in the factories in Vendée, France. In the middle of the 2000s, PRESTIGE took a fresh leap forward in the size of its yachts, with the PRESTIGE 60.

This yacht was produced in a dedicated factory in Les Herbiers, France.


PRESTIGE 500, the Legend



In 2010, the launch of the PRESTIGE 500 was a breakthrough innovation in the traditional motor yachts world. Two highly inventive layout features were the key to this incredible success. First, private access to the master cabin, previously a feature usually only seen on very large yachts.

Then, the galley was positioned at the center of the living space and no longer on the lower level. Ergonomics corresponding to the lifestyle of the owners was implemented, focusing on the perfect balance between the common areas and privacy of the cabins.


 Together with its excellent seaworthiness, this was the innovative concept that made the PRESTIGE 500 so successful, 

explains JeanPaul Chapeleau, General Manager of JeanneauPRESTIGE.


 Very quickly we became the leader in this size of boat, appealing to families looking to live aboard in total freedom.  




The PRESTIGE 500 was one of the first powerboats to be equipped with the IPS pod drive system, in partnership with Volvo. The IPS offers a driver interface that greatly facilitates navigation and maneuvers. An ergonomic joystick makes docking easy to manage. On top of this, the technology is quieter, emits less carbon dioxide and is much more fuel-efficient. It instantly appealed to dealers and owners, and was quickly brought into widespread use on all our ranges.



PRESTIGE was ready to win over the American and Asian markets.

The outcome was successful with the brand becoming a clear-cut world leader in 40 to 60 foot yacht range. Building on its legacy and the success of the Flybridge and S-Line ranges, now PRESTIGE has a firm grasp of the future with its all-new X-Line range.






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