[30 YEARS] Chapter 3: People of PRESTIGE

March 20, 2020


The PRESTIGE experience is first and foremost the story of the people united by the shared desire to do quality work and create something beautiful.

Since 1989, our highly committed team has reinvented our industrial know-how, shaped by decades of experience.



Jean-Paul Chapeleau




General Manager of Jeanneau-PRESTIGE, he created all the necessary conditions for the brand’s success: a powerful dealer network, constant engagement with owners, developing close ties with partners and the teams in Vendée, France.


  Trust is not given, it’s earned little by little, day after day. We foster a culture of mutual respect and commitment at PRESTIGE and this is our greatest strength. Our distributors communicate this mindset across the world, by organizing a large number of PRESTIGE rendezvous and events.
As for me, I like to go and meet every owner personally.   





Jean-François de Prémorel

A man of action and an enthusiastic racer,
Jean-François de Prémorel rose to the challenge
of resurrecting PRESTIGE in 1998.




  We created a strong brand, which now has an international reputation, thanks to a very closely knit team of architects, designers, and engineers, supported by the industrial strength of the shipyard. We have always anticipated trends and offered innovative yachts designed by sailors for people who love life at sea.


The huge success of the PRESTIGE 500 clearly proves this – we were the first to understand people’s new expectations in terms of layout and cruising comfort. PRESTIGE, is an incredible human endeavor!   







Michel Villeneuve ​​​​

PRESTIGE design office manager,
associate from the beginning




  Ever since the PRESTIGE 41, which was designed on the drawing board in its entirety, the progress of CAD techniques and digital methods, such as modelling has been spectacular.


Ever increasingly, we succeed in optimizing the balance between the available volumes, equipment and performance at sea.

Our expertise in boat engineering is based on decades of experience  







Serge Loizeau 

Manager of the PRESTIGE factory
in Les Herbiers for 15 years.



    PRESTIGE yachts’ success is naturally built on our plant’s production capacity and particularly our expertise in resin injection and infusion.


These innovative technologies afford perfect control of weight and give an outstanding quality of finish for every composite element, including very large parts such as the hull.


However, it is primarily a collective success story made possible by the enthusiasm and experience of the men and women working to produce our yachts every day. Thank you all.  







Vittorio GARRONI 

He is the
founder of the Garroni design house in Genoa.

Vittorio GARRONI has made
a huge contribution to the signature identity of PRESTIGE,
combining elegant exterior lines with incomparable interior space.



  All the PRESTIGE DNA was already in the 41. We designed an open and fairly sporty yacht that had three large double cabins, three shower compartments and a generous galley-saloon area. This was never seen before on a powerboat of this size!  



 The design office established a really good relationship with the shipyard operators. I learned a huge amount from them, through an enriching working relationship based on mutual respect. In combining my theoretical vision with their expertise, we designed a yacht that really resonated with the public in France. I am really proud to have the privilege of working for PRESTIGE, almost 35 years later, with my son who now manages Garroni Design.
The adventure continues!






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