November 11, 2020

“Made in Saint-Tropez,” Exceptional Materials and Inspirations


In this third episode, Valentina Militerno (interior designer) presents the luxurious elements chosen for the X70, including the materials, colours, and sources of inspiration for her selections. The designer places an accent on natural elements and on the French heritage of PRESTIGE.


View the Video:  [Backstage] Episode 3:  French Luxury




Discrete, Delicate… Whispered Luxury

Evoking the image of Saint-Tropez in the 1950s, the interior design of the X70 is geometric, subtle, warm and inviting.

Silk, leather, cashmere… the interior decoration aboard the X70 offers an unequalled level of quality, without ostentation.


The X70 concept offers soft, whispered luxury.



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