PRESTIGE 520 : the first yacht to integrate the all-new Volvo IPS650

18 июля 2019 г.

The Prestige 520, already market leader in her category, is the first yacht to integrate the all-new Volvo IPS650


Volvo IPS technology is a key feature of the PRESTIGE 520 and contributes to increased fuel-efficiency, performance and maneuverability. For 2020, Volvo has completely redesigned the D6 engine and IPS drive to provide 480HP (more than 10% more powerful than the previous generation). Volvo has also worked to reduce maintenance costs, while enhancing reliability and monitoring through a new EVC system.


This new propulsion system makes the PRESTIGE 520 provides the efficiency and maneuverability while ensuring the perfect balance of power and function.


The new Volvo D6 offers a new look to its control systems for an even more modern design: the various controls and joysticks are now configured in satin grey instead of chrome.


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