New Ship Control technology

January 25, 2019

Our Ship Control technology gives access to all the electrical functions on board a Prestige yacht via the multi-function navigation screens on the dashboard or via smartphone or tablet. The Ship Control is available on Prestige590, Prestige520 & Prestige520S

Making cruising simpler

This innovative system, based on a multiplexed system, is easy to use and secure. A quick tap on the navigation screen interface or any tablet or smartphone connected to the boat’s Wi-Fi and Ship Control accesses all the systems on board. Cruising is simplified and more pleasant.

Connected boat

With the Ship Control a set of universal icons allows you to operate the main functions of the boat. Everything is at your fingertips and the boat obeys your every command.

With a click on the chosen icon you can access all on-board functions: lighting, air conditioning, sound systems, electrical power management, bilge pumps or navigation page. It also allows to check the level of batteries, tanks and the engine data.

Smart information

Underway or at anchor, Ship Control provides a quick, easy view of status of on board systems, contributing to your comfort, safety and the pleasure of life on board Prestige yachts.

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