The X70: an architectural revolution

August 30, 2020


In 2020, PRESTIGE is launching a new line dedicated to the art of living well and to luxury:  the X-Line.


With the X70, the first model of this innovative and seductive line, PRESTIGE presents a radically new way to live at sea.

In partnership with the Garroni Design studio, PRESTIGE reinvents space and movement on board, while offering a yacht of absolutely spectacular quality and boasting the latest technology for exceptionally smooth cruising.

Precision and high-quality standards have been constants throughout the creative process, from her conception to the moment the X-70 was put in the water, on the 13th of July 2020.


The X70:  Infinite Space


The X70 is, above all, a true revolution in terms of space.


She is distinguished by a radically different design. While a traditional Flybridge uses 70% of the width of the yacht for movement on board via the sidedecks, the X70 breaks with this tradition.

Traditional flybridge





The full width of the yacht can be utilized, expanding the field of possibilities and opening onto an infinite horizon.  Living spaces are open, light optimized.  


The saloon occupies the full width of the yacht. This new volume also increases exterior space. The XXL cockpit is three times larger than that of a traditional Flybridge of the same size. Without barriers, the interior flows into the exterior.

This architecture, unique aboard a yacht of this size, offers extraordinary livable space.

Whether on the Flybridge or on the main deck, living areas are expanded.

The main deck is composed of 4 well-defined living areas, yet all are entirely open:

  • A helm station, immense and well equipped, enjoys incomparable visibility;
  • A central galley, the heart of life on board, features easy access to the Flybridge;
  • A cockpit, enlarged by 300%, is bathed in light;
  • A beach club offers close proximity to the water.




The X70: Fluidity of Movement


The interconnexion between these spaces is a key design feature.

Everything has been carefully studied to facilitate movement on board and to ingeniously blend the interior and exterior.

To access the foredeck, simply pass via the Flybridge or directly from the interior, through a side access door. On the Flybridge, four accesses to living spaces enable exceptionally fluid movement: two staircases provide access to the Flybridge and two more provide access to the forward deck.



The X70: Space for the Sensorial, Whispered Luxury





Aboard, in addition to well-considered storage space, the finish and materials are simply exceptional, diffusing this sensation of soft, whispered luxury.


Cashmere, leather, wood… All have been chosen for relaxing and comfortable life on board.

For leather, PRESTIGE has selected the world’s best, by Foglizzo. The sofas, chic and made to measure, are by Duvivier.


PRESTIGE woodworking artisans demonstrate their expertise in even the slightest details, mixing various finishes, such as lacquer or high-gloss varnish, applied manually, piece by piece. The woodwork is very fine and contemporary. Lighting is optimized.


The audio system also figures among the best, a collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins.



The X70: Pleasure is in the Personalization


The X70 enables a personalized layout: each owner can choose his or her own tables, chairs, sun loungers and sofas from a broad offering.

The configuration is very modular, all benefitting from unequalled fit and finish.

Life aboard the X70 combines the comfort of a luxurious villa and the pleasure of living at sea in a radically new way!



The X70: A Private Island, Where the Sea Feels Like Home



Faithful to the PRESTIGE spirit, the X70 combines inviting spaces for living and entertaining with privacy.

The owner’s cabin occupies the full beam of the yacht, for an amazing volume of space and ease of movement!

Access to the wide-body owner’s cabin is provided from the main deck, via a private staircase. Guest and VIP cabins also benefit from private entrances.

The yacht offers the possibility to accommodate a full crew.



The X70: Cutting-Edge Technology



With the X70, PRESTIGE meets various technical and technological challenges.

For power, the X70 benefits from the expertise of VOLVO, with IPS technology for even greater ease in maneuvering the yacht.

The X70 will be equipped with IPS 1200 or IPS 1350, whose effectiveness has been well proven: these engines increase reliability and reduce costs.


With the X70, PRESTIGE chooses to innovate and develop for greater comfort and well-being at sea and introduces an entirely new way to experience life on the water.





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