ClearCruise AR by Raymarine on Prestige Display at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

October 25, 2019

ClearCruise™ AR (Augmented Reality) is an industry-first navigation technology that helps captains to understand complex navigational situations and make smarter decisions on the water. Exclusive to Raymarine’s Axiom®family of multifunction displays, ClearCruise AR fuses together live camera video with information from the boat’s navigational sensors, electronic charts and Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver. Offered as an option on a selection of our yachts, Prestige will have a demo display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show booth for a first-hand look at this technology.

Augmented Reality enhances the live video stream of the boat’s surroundings with dynamic tags that highlight nearby navigation aids, AIS traffic, and destination waypoints in the scene. Each tag displays the object’s name and range. AIS-equipped vessels are color-coded red or green to indicate whether they will pass inside of the boat’s established safety zone. Touching on any AR tag will reveal additional detailed information on the object and reveal its position on the navigation chart. Similarly, touching a waypoint, navigation aid or AIS icon on the chart display will makes its AR tag pop to the front in the video window. Simple on-screen controls allow you to filter out AR tags by range or category so you can optimize the view as needed in crowded waterways.

Raymarine’s AR200 Augmented Reality Stabilization Module is the sensor that enables this functionality. The AR200 has a built-in high precision GPS receiver and 9-axis Attitude and Heading Reference Sensor (AHRS.) The AHRS monitors the boat’s heading, pitch, roll, yaw and heave values for the AR system. This stream of data enables precise alignment of the on-screen tags to their real-word objects. The AHRS data also stabilizes the entire video presentation for smooth viewing when seas are rough. Live camera video is provided by Raymarine CAM210 or CAM220 marine IP video cameras, or FLIR M100, M200 or M300-series marine thermal camera systems.

A basic AR system consists of any Axiom multifunction display, the AR200 module, and a forward-looking CAM210IP marine camera. For larger vessels or installations where additional coverage is desirable, the system can support up to 10 marine visible or thermal cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom models. This allows up to 360° of Augmented Reality coverage if desired.




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