NEW SERVICE:  Your New PRESTIGE Delivered Fully Equipped!

22 Eylül 2020

A service to assist PRESTIGE yacht owners in the preparation of their boats upon delivery


Imagine:  on the day your PRESTIGE is delivered, your yacht is equipped with all the necessary materials and entirely decorated to your taste…


This is the new service offered by PRESTIGE, starting on the 22 of September.


From this platform, you can select all the equipment that you wish to have aboard your yacht.

In this private space, you will find a large selection of technical equipment, as well as all the lifestyle accessories adapted to life on board.

You can make the selections yourself or follow our suggestions.  And if you wish, all the articles that you order can even be pre-positioned on board!



With this service, you can simply make your selection from home.  Save your time for the pleasure of cruising.


This is how we envision the delivery of a PRESTIGE yacht!


Access the service


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