Discover PRESTIGE's design


Discover PRESTIGE's design

Yacht design according to PRESTIGE



From their inception, PRESTIGE yachts have been designed by the GARRONI DESIGN, inveterate partners of the PRESTIGE shipyard whose work enjoys worldwide renown today.  Over the years, together with the PRESTIGE shipyard, the cabinet has succeeded in combining Italian design with comfort and innovation.  The spirit of the brand rests on a core design concept:  a high brightness, optimised volumes, pure lines, luxurious interiors, and innovation for the comfort and performance.


Discovering GARRONI… When expertise and clever design combine with the artist’s mastery.


They produced the very first PRESTIGE:  to invent a style, to develop a concept. 30 years of close collaboration with the shipyard.



The GARRONI DESIGN team of Vittorio and Camillo, father and son, is thoroughly Italian, yet the influence of the ocean on the work of Camillo is undeniable today.

Camillo, a Vendéen?  He assures that it is true.


Unique Yachts

Loyal designers of the PRESTIGE brand of yachts, Vittorio and Camillo Garroni have designed each PRESTIGE yacht with the same high standards, the same passion, the same relentlessness, each time creating a project and a unique piece.

University professor and initiator of the prestigious naval architecture school, La Spezia, Vittorio founded GARRONI DESIGN before passing the baton to Camillo, who trained at his father’s side and holds a diploma in Architecture & Design.

Experts in Yacht Design, recognised time and again, around the world, GARONNI DESIGN is the cornerstone in the conception of PRESTIGE yachts.

→ Among the talents of the studio:  knowing how to marry new trends with elegance, sobriety and clever interior layouts.


PRESTIGE Innovation, New Concepts, Sport Yachts

A close relationship with PRESTIGE yachts shipyard enables GARRONI DESIGN to capitalise on their Italian savoir-faire while also listening to owners, to their experiences and expectations.  Attentive to evolutions in the market and in the company, GARONNI DESIGN never ceases to renew itself, to innovate, to create new concepts.  In this spirit, we retain the Sport Yachts concept, first developed in 2016 with the PRESTIGE 680S:  preserving the PRESTIGE atmosphere and combining speed with a sporty profile.  A challenge successfully met.


The PRESTIGE Spirit, at the Heart of cruising, luxury

The PRESTIGE spirit remains at the heart of each of the 35 timeless models designed by the studio for those who those who dare to dream and to live out their dreams.

With PRESTIGE, GARONNI Design is able to optimise lighting by integrating large windows that contribute to overall cruising comfort and a sensation of incomparable volume

The exterior design of the yachts is elegant, bold, at once contemporary and timeless.  The spacious interior offers a custom-built, streamlined aesthetic.

A selection of wood varieties, of surface finishes, and of upholstery is meticulously chosen. The marriage of textures – velvet, leather, and linen – reflects the utmost attention to detail.


GARRONI Design shares with us a story of family, of a passion for luxury cruising, of a love of boats and the sea.  The story continues to be written in a multitude of perspectives with the inauguration of the all-new X-Line, with the super yacht X70