[30 years] Chapter 7: Mythic Sound

May 8, 2020




PRESTIGE is demanding, selecting only from the very best in savoir-faire and precision technology.  Exceptional quality aboard PRESTIGE yachts extends to the sound system, from the iconic brand, Bowers & Wilkins.  

Designed by the R&D team and approved by the company’s acousticians, the PRESTIGE marine loudspeakers represent Bowers and Wilkins’ premium quality, in terms of both design and acoustics. Sleek and perfectly water resistant, they offer outstanding sound on board and are joy for all.


We have in common with the PRESTIGE teams a passion for creating, designing and developing outstanding products.

François Pheulpin, Chief Executive Officer France



Bowers & Wilkins: beautifully designed marvels of technology providing exceptional acoustics



It is a well-kept secret by insiders. The Bowers & Wilkins legendary brand provides such an exceptional quality of sound for connoisseurs to enjoy. It equips the most demanding recording studios in the world, such as Abbey Road, where all the Beatles albums were recorded along with the Harry Potter film series soundtracks. It was also selected by the George Lucas studios and Sony Music in California.


The brand has designed iconic products such as the Zeppelin wireless speaker in 2007 and has continued to innovate and renew itself, in all likelihood because it has remained loyal to the vision of its founder:

Offer our customers the very best and the sales will follow.


The Research and Development department is highly strategic in this company. Located at some distance from the headquarters and the manufacturing site, it gives the engineers free rein to invent the products of the future. The old R&D center has become too small to house the 90 researchers presently working for Bowers & Wilkins, so a new center is being built in Southwater, near London.




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