BACKSTAGE, EPISODE 4: Fine Materials

November 18, 2020

Unequalled Finish and Extraordinary Quality


A new episode is available in the video series dedicated to the X70:  take a behind-the-scenes look at the work of those implementing the design concept and construction of this exceptional yacht.

Luxury is expressed through design and interior decoration, yet equally and infinitely present in the extraordinary quality of construction materials and savoir-faire in woodworking.

The crew reveals the selection of woods and lacquers, as well as the level of fit and finish required and the perceptible attention to detail throughout the yacht.


View the Video:  [Backstage] Episode 4: Fine Materials




A Different Concept of Quality

Beyond its visual appeal and the overall level of luxury on board, the X70 offers a different concept of quality resulting from extensive work based upon a new notion:  appeal to the sense of touch.

To obtain softness, silkiness, and to avoid sharp angles… this appeal to the sense of touch features in the original specifications for the project and marks a true turning point for PRESTIGE.



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